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DIN provides all kind of special roller bearings for oil field industry, including large size cylindrical roller and spherical roller bearings.
Oil Field Industry
Trailer Industry
Mining Industry
DIN provides special tapered roller bearings, wheels bearings, transmission bearings for heavy Machinery and
Mining industry.
We produce both large and small size TRB for light and heavy duty trailer axles. We are supplying bearings for light
duty trailer axles from capacity of 1400lb to 15000lb, and we are also supplying bearings for heavy duty trailer axles
from capacity of 15000lb to 30000lb.
We deeply understand that pulp and paper machines are working in extreme conditions, such as high speed and
temperatures, excessive humidity and contamination, DIN provide high quality TRB and special bearings for many
paper industry applications.
Pulp and Paper Industry
Since 2006, we started to supply Hub wheel bearings for Automotive Industry, including Sedan, Suv, Van, and truck.
Our Hub wheel bearings are customize for following automotive: Toyota Tercel, Golf, Jetta, Beetle, Mazda Protege, KIA
Spectra, Toyota RAV4, Camry, Lexus, Nisson Truck, Altima, Maxima, Infiniti; Honda Civic, Accord, GM grand, Sunfire.
Chrysler Neon, Interpid; Dodge Caravan; GMC Silverado, Tahoe, Yukon, etc. For details, please check our product list
in Automotive Hub wheel bearings section.
DIN provides Slewing Drive assembly to solar panel new energy industry.